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Amano Shrimp

Caridina Multidentata - Amano shrimp is easy and very hardy shrimp to keep suitable for wide water parameters.

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Description: Amano shrimp is very easy shrimp to keep suitable for wide water parameters. These are the best algae eaters around to help you to clean your tank of uneaten food and algae. They are adaptable to wide range of water parameters but for successful breeding and raising offsprings brackish water parameters must be provided. They look amazing and have very brave personality. Often can eat from hand or explore your fingers in fish tank. You will receive them of different size and sex (mostly 3-4cm)

Appearance: Amano shrimp coloration may vary but usualy has transparent body with small horizontal dots. Mutations may occur for example shrimp may turn slightly more blueish or reddish depends on water parameters and age.

Feeding: Omnivore with majority of vegetable content. Overfeeding of protein can cause health issues. Shrimp will feed on tank algae, algae waffers and almost anything thrown to aquarium.

Breeding: If water conditions are good shrimp will breed readily when matured (3-4 months old). Shrimp will carry around 100 eggs for around 30-35 days of gestation period. After this period larvae are released which require brackish water to fully develop. Raising offspring's is therefore very tricky but not impossible.

nks mates: 
This shrimp is generally larger, can be housed with fish of similar size or with any neocaridina or caridina shrimp. They will not crossbreed or bully smaller shrimp. 

Size: Males 4-5cm Females 5-6cm

Aquarium size: Minimum 20L

Difficulty: Very Easy

Water parameters: 18-23C Degrees, PH Range 6.0-7.6, TDS 80-400

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