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1-2 GROW! Tropica Invitro Plants There are 19 products.

1-2 GROW! Tropica Invitro Plants
One of the first shops in the UK we are happy to stock these amazing plants.

We believe this is the technology of the future for planted aquarium world.

1-2 Grow plants also so called In-Vitro plants are manufactured using tissue culture method in laboratory conditions and grow in gel-like fertile substance.
Grown in sterile environment and is guaranteed snail and pest free.
Shrimp safe!

1. For the same price you get 3-5 times more plants compared to standard pots. It is 100% true. Manufacturing cost for growers is much cheaper and it is passed to end user. In fact it is a middle product when producing standard potted plants.
2. Stay fresh much longer ensuring you receive it in the best possible condition.
3. Shrimp safe and snail free.
4. Last but not least environmentally friendly. Lots of aquarium plants are on the verge of extinction due to over harvesting from the wild.

1. Plants which you usually see quite tall in the standard pot might look awkward to people who see In-Vitro plant portion for the first time.
2. If the parcel gets shaken and turned over a lot during transit gel might mix with the plants. However it only affect aesthetic look of the pot and not the plant health itself.


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